Ahn Bo Hyun, the Burden of the First Lead

Ahn Bo-hyun played the role of Do Bae-man who became a military prosecutor for money in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman Pinscher‘, which successfully ended with the highest viewership rating of 10,081%. After losing her parents in an accident, Do Bae-man has lived a tumultuous life, from high school to passing the bar exam and becoming a military prosecutor. Ahn Bo-hyun it received favorable reviews from viewers by portraying in detail the complex emotional changes of these characters. In response to this, Ahn Bo-hyun he directly expressed his feelings about ‘military prosecutor Doberman’ through his agency FN Entertainment to return the love.

Q. ‘Military Prosecutor’s Doberman’ ended successfully with high ratings and expectations. How do you feel about the ending?
Military Prosecutor Doberman Pinscher‘ It was a job where I grew up and met a lot of good people, so it’s a shame to let it go. There was a lot of pressure while preparing for the drama, and thoughts of whether I could do well filled my head. When I first encountered the character of Dobae-man, I thought about how to best express this character, who is ambiguous between good and evil, and how to convey it well. I talked a lot about this concern with the writer and director, and I tried to understand the character and grasp the details by reading the script several times. Instead of creating a fictional character, I thought I should include a person named ‘Bo-Hyun Ahn’, and it seems to have been a fun filming as it gradually became the wallpaper. I am grateful to the director, writer, all staff, and fellow actors who worked with me from the cold winter to spring, and sincerely thank the viewers who gave Soldier Doberman a lot of love. It was an honor to start the week with our drama.

P. You have challenged your first leading role through this drama. How was the first casting offer? Was there any pressure?
It was attractive that it was the first attempt at a military court, and I was grateful to be able to participate in this work. Also, as I have seen the works of the director and the writer, I really wanted to work together. At first, I was wondering if I would be able to do it well and I felt a lot of pressure as it was my first leading role. However, I tried to overcome even that burden, thinking that it was a process to show better performance as an actor and grow one more step.

Q. ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’ is Korea’s first military drama. It was the first time that the military prosecutor’s profession appeared as drama material. How did you prepare for the character and were there any difficulties during preparation?
It was my first drama about a military prosecutor, so there weren’t many places I could get advice. So, I talked a lot with the director about the characters and I watched the existing court dramas like ‘The Attorney’ Y ‘Lawless Lawyer’ also written by Mr. Yoon Hyun Howho wrote the script for «Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man«. Above all, I saw the script more. The details contained in the script, information about military prosecutors, and knowledge went a long way in creating ‘Do Bae Man’. Thanks to the advice and help of the director, the writer, and the people around me, I was able to finish the drama without much difficulty.

Q. What kind of person does Ahn Bo-hyun think Do Bae-man is?
Because of the environment they have lived in, they risk their lives for money and do perverted and bad things. However, I believe that gradually realizing and reflecting on evil, and sincerely asking for forgiveness from those who have been harmed by it, is the process of growth. In the process, he seems to be a good friend to give up everything he has and give up his pride.

Q. Are there any memorable scenes or lines during filming?
The most memorable scene is the one where I went to the marina to look for Roh Tae-nam, a thief who appears in episode 6. Knowing it was a trap, I suggested jumping into the sea when we filmed on set in a scene where he was running away from the Seorak gang. After contemplating with the director, I ended up changing the scene to swimming in the sea and escaping. It didn’t seem like the dead of winter in the air, but it was a very cold day, so it was a scene with a big heart. So he was very worried and the weather was so cold that it was difficult, but he was proud because it seemed like he was better represented in the drama than he thought.

Q. How was your collaboration with other actors on set?
The members of the law firm are friends of the same age, so we had a lot of fun filming. We would monitor each other, and if there was an interesting scene, we would film it on our cell phones and post it on social media after the broadcast. The elders also guided me well so that I could act in a comfortable environment, and they also thought about the direction of the character. Overall, it was a very happy and enjoyable film set, and I want to see them again on other jobs.

Q. What kind of job has ‘Doberman’ become for Ahn Bo-hyun?
It is truly a job that I will never forget for the rest of my life. It was a fun experience trying out a new genre, and the process of creating the Do Bae Man character was a lot of fun. And it was a significant moment for me to grow another step as an actor. I think the director, writer, staff, and fellow actors who worked hard to do a good job together will be greatly remembered.

Q. Please leave a few last words for the viewers who loved ‘Doberman’.
It was an honor to start the week with our drama and thank you very much. It was my first time showing a character as a military prosecutor, so I was worried and felt a lot of pressure, but I was able to finish the drama happily because I enjoyed watching it to the end. I will continue to do my best to show viewers good characters and good performances without losing my original mind. Thanks for sending so much love so far. Ship Credits

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