Alba Flores speaks about the alleged confrontation with her cousin Elena Furiase

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Alba Flores has wanted to play down the matter about the latest information that spoke of her bad relationship with Elena Furiase

The latest edition of the Fotogramas de Plata Awards brought together countless well-known faces from the world of Spanish cinema. dawn flowers walked the red carpet with such acclaimed personalities as Antonio Resines, who reappeared very recovered, Ana Belén or Paula Echevarría, among others. The niece of Lolita and Rosario Flores was nominated for Best Theater Actress and in addition to winning the award thanks to his work with Shock 2. The storm and the war did not hesitate to attend the press and respond to the course bad vibes that exists with his cousin Elena Furiase.The young women are only two years apart and in addition to blood they share a profession that has united them even more in recent years, so much so that Elena did not hesitate to choose her cousin as the godmother of her son Noah. The last time we saw them together was at Elena Furiase’s massive wedding in Cádiz. At that time, both boasted of a close relationship but in recent weeks that link would have been called into question. What does Alba Flores have to say about it? Hit PLAY!Although they don’t see each other as much as they would like, such is the good relationship that exists between them that Alba knows perfectly well how Elena is living her second pregnancy: “She doesn’t stop working (…) We are very happy. It is also more tired because at the same time that it raises one…”, he recounted a few days ago.

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