Batwoman season 2 Episode 18 Release date, time, promo and watch online

Batwoman season 2 episode 18 Release date

The Batwoman was released back in October of 2019 where it gained huge popularity through just few episodes and for now season 2 has been taking place as the fans are eagerly waiting for more episodes so to cover what more does the show have to offer. There is no official announcement regarding the release of episode 18 but according to speculations, episode 18 shall probably drop on the 27th of June, 2021 and we will have the official confirmation too in time.

Episode 18 promo

The upcoming episode 18 is named “Power” where Batwoman Ryan who is known to be the one savior and hope of Gotham City can be seen puzzled up as to say in the authentic precis that is based on the epsiode. There are numerous number of hazards that can be witnessed. Talking about the entry of Roman with their heavy guns, and the wrath that Black Mask is shedding. Alice somehow manages to look for a way to Circe afterall, and the hope she have that she could reconcile with her sister.


Previously in episode 17

Previously in episode 17, it is shown how Safiya comes forward with the views how Ocean has been one of the most important and the sacrifice which came out very essential to Alice and other cautions which were given out in order to oppose tempest that will be arriving in Gotham. Kate entering the Batcave in a devastated manner wakes up other members. Safiyah made her decision of persuading Alice and on the side which was different.


Where to watch

If you want to cover more in the story of Batwoman season 2 and see what will unveil later in the episodes as the dark light in Gotham City takes place, you can head to HBO Max as it is available to watch there.


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