Beware Of The Villainess Chapter 64 Raw Scans Release Date & Spoilers

Release Date Of Beware Of The Villainess 

One of the famous manga Beware of the villainess is updating and the last published chapter was 63 but the creative team still didn’t announce the release date of the Beware of the villainess chapter 64 but if we got to know anything we’ll update you guys but read this article to know much more about it.

Beware Of The Villainess Chapter 64 Spoilers!!

Still, we don’t know about the release date of the new chapter but my the last episode and fans post we can see that is still Butler is angry with Mellisa for not carrying about herself or they’ll talk about this and maybe in the next episode, Butler can tell Lady Mellisa about his feelings about her and how special she’s for him.

Chapter 63 Of Beware Of The Villainess Explained

In episode 63 we saw that Butler is giving angry looks to Mellisa because she was ready to drink the poisonous tea by herself and in her defend she said nothing will happen, Yuri’s magic is secure and if Butler finds out the type of poison mixed with the tea she’ll really be fine and Yuri have multiple ways to protect her life so she really didn’t mean to die at all.

Butler is really heartbroken and asked her why she’s so careless about herself? and why is she was throwing her life in danger? Mellisa said she was carrying the plan because she trust Yuri’s magic and her life is granted. Meanwhile, Butler shouted at her and said no matter how strong she is Melissa can still die because she’s a human being.

Mellisa interrupt him and said he isn’t to protect her, right now if anyone should be protecting anyone is should be her, told him that he’s her friend Butler said her if she handled him that poisonous tea, he would love to drink it without thinking. he wanted to say because he loves her, but he can’t so he decided to walk out of the room before he left the room he said he’s sorry, but he can’t do what lady Mellisa asked him to do.

Beware Of The Villainess Chapter 64

In the next scene, we saw that Mellisa is talking with her friend and told him that Butler and her fight yesterday and now she’s worried about why Butler is so angry. Her friend suggests that usually employer and employee resolved by firing out the employee but in her case, this is not the solution and now she’s depended on him because he’s with her from the spring season.

Where To Read Beware Of The Villainess

There are many sites where you can read Beware of the Villainess but if you wanna read with the English translation of the show and with the good quality of the image you can read on

About Beware Of The Villainess

after an accident, a girl named Mellisa wakes up in the world of Villainess and she’s the daughter of the duke. In that world, she meets with many new friends and the genre of the show is Fantasy, action, and romance.

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