Black Clover Chapter 300 Release Date, Time, Recap And Spoilers

The release date of Black Clover Chapter 300 is now the much-awaited question after the interesting Chapter 299 that came out. And, with such a huge success of the same, we have the details for the new episode that is to be out. We have curtailed a few details regarding the release of the same and keep reading to know more. 

What Is Black Clover All About?

Black Clover is a fantasy story that revolves around the life of Asta. And, Asta is born without magical powers. Everyone in the world has magical powers. And, Asta keeps it a secret that he is born without powers. This already makes it interesting, right? Moreover, Asta and the Black Bulls are the main people that the story surrounds. The powerless Asta gets a grimoire. And, he joins the Black Bulls in the mission of becoming the Wizard King. There, Asta meets Mars. And, Mars is a magic knight. Moreover, Mars belongs to the diamond kingdom. Very sooner after this happens, Asta is captured by a zombie invasion. And so goes the story. There are adventures and fun. Moreover, the story has a take on fantasy and that makes it very interesting to read.

Genre: Action Fiction, Fantasy

Black Clover Chapter 299 – Recap

The release of Black Clover Chapter 300 is set to happen. And if you missed the previous chapter, there here we have the recap of Black Clover Chapter 299 for you. In the previous chapter, we read through a scene where Gaja realizes that he is skilled enough to save people in the Heart kingdom. But, in the end, he fails to end Megicua and Vainica. Though he had years of training, this seemed to be not happening. Later then, the two devils came to hit the kingdoms and one had to quit, there’s no other way.

Black Clover Chapter 300 Release Date, Time, And Spoilers

Also, the rewards were that the queens were struck with an evil curse. Moreover, Lolopechika got the curse. Later, Gaja apologized but she said that she finds herself great as no one can manipulate her or her curse. Moreover, she also said that no devil is bothering her right now. Also, Gaja feels bad about himself and thinks that he doesn’t deserve to be the spirit guardian. Moreover, he understands that Lolopechika is very good and that she forgives very easily.

Black Clover Chapter 300 Release Date?

We are fortunate enough that your favorite series is not on a hiatus. This means that there is no break announced yet. And, we can expect the release of the new chapter on July 18, 2021. This follows a weekly fashion pattern. And, as no break is being said, we can expect the release to happen the same day. Also, we have the timings of the release of Black Clover 300 and here we go. If you follow the Pacific Daylight time, then it is 10 AM PDT. The other timing is also out here. The new Chapter of The Black Clover will be out at 12 PM CDT, 1 PM EDT, 6 PM BST.

Where To Read Black Clover Chapter 300?

Now that we are aware of the release date, the question that must be striking us is the platform to read. And, here we go with the answer. You can read the new chapter on VizMedia and MangaPlus. Both the platforms ask to have a subscription to read the chapter. But, you can read the first three chapters for free on both platforms. Also, we highly recommend that you use these platforms only to view the anime. Because the use of other platforms that don’t own the legal license can cause harm to the producers of Black Clover.

Now that we have the release date of Black Clover Chapter 300, all that we need to do is to wait for the release of the same. And, I am sure that the new episode is to have lots of adventures like it usually has. So, fingers crossed, let us wait for the release 

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