Get Paid To Move To Italy Application 2021 Calabria Village Relocation

Do you know about Calabria of Italy? Calabria which is a region in southwest Italy is now getting famous for something. Well, that is their scheme of paying people to move in and start a business. What else can be a better deal for anyone? One will get the funds to move in and start a new business. So are you also interested in it? Well, then this is the correct place for you. Know everything about the scheme here. Is it true? How to register for it? Get everything done here. So let’s begin and have complete information on GetTING Paid To Move To Italy Application 2021.

Is this Really True? 

Well answering the foremost question, so yes it’s true and official. According To CNN, This is actually offered by “The Active Residency Project,”.The main objective of the scheme is to overcome two problems of the Calabria. First is the Depopulation, and the second is Working Economy.

Actually, this region has been facing the problem of low population. Also, it is one of the non-working regions. So by this scheme, both problems will be solved in Italy. Firstly people moving in the state will increase population and tourism. Secondly, the condition that one needs to start work and business. It will increase the employment rate and will help boost the economy.

Eligibility for Applicants who Get Paid To Move To Italy Application 2021 :

There are the following conditions for applicants, read them here:

  • new residents must start a small business or work as a specific professional. 
  • resident must be under the age of 40. 
  • after selection, the resident must move to Calabria in 90 days. 

If you are eligible with all the conditions, then just be ready to apply. Calabria, Italy is waiting for you.

Perks of Moving In Calabria, Italy! 

Calabria Italy Get Paid To Move To Italy Application 2021

₹24.75 lakhs will be provided to the residents by govt of Italy. This will be for a total of three years.

The region has breathtaking views of the sea and mountains. Anyone would fall in love with the place there. The monuments of Calabria and buildings are historic and beautiful to watch.

Get Paid To Move To Italy Application 2021: ACTIVE RESIDENCY PROJECT? 

Well, you can apply on the official site of the city. However, there’s no official release of information on that. Italy is doing this to help the state. But that would be done very soon. Stay tuned to the updates and apply as soon as applications are out. Calabria, Italy will upload the application details on its official site soon.

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