HigeHiro Episode 6 Release Date, Spoilers, Recap

Your most anticipated anime HigeHiro is on the way with their new episode. The production team has confirmed the release of episode 6. You won’t believe what will happen next. So, scroll down the full coverage of this article to know about HigeHiro episode 6 release date, spoilers, recap, and many more.

HigeHiro anime episode 6 Release Date

Guys, are you excited to know the release date of your favorite rom-com anime series? Let me tell you, the HigeHiro anime series will release their next episode 6 on 10th May of 2021. The title will be called ‘Starry Sky’. The timing for the release is in Japanese time which is around 10:30 pm. You can check the time slot according to your country or region. One thing, let me remind you, this anime will release their episode every week.

HigeHiro Episode 6

HigeHiro episode 6 Spoiler

In the upcoming HigeHiro episode 6 anime series, we might know some of Sayu’s and Yoshida’s past. And also we will be seeing some new characters in the next episode. Also, you can watch the trailer which is available on YouTube for the upcoming episode.

HigeHiro previous chapter explained

In the previous chapter of HigeHiro, we witness Yoshida comes along with Airi to see Sayu. The reason Yoshiro is bringing Airi to see Sayu is that Airi is not believing when Yoshiro tells them he knows Sayu since childhood. Later when Airi and Sayu are in front of each other, they go to talk where only two of them are present. While they are talking, Yoshida goes out to buy some things. Afterward, when it is time for Airi to go back, he tells her Sayu is a simple girl. The episode ends with Airi telling him to be cautious and she leaves.

Where to watch HigeHiro online

HigeHiro Episode 6

HigeHiro is available to watch on Crunchyroll or Funimation. They are the fastest to update the latest episode of any anime.

More about the HigeHiro Anime series

HigeHiro is one of the latest ongoing Japanese anime series. It is also one of the popular rom-com anime. HigeHiro is adapted from the novel of the same name. The story is about an employee of a major company who gets rejected by his crush who made him wait for five years. He goes home getting drunk and meets with a high school girl who was running away from home. And he will let her stay at his house. So, what will happen between the two of them when they are staying together.

Expected characters of HigeHiro anime episode 6

  • Yoshida is the main male character, a 26 years old employee who works in a major IT company.
  • Sayu Ogiwara is also the main female character who is a runaway high school girl.
  • Airi Gotou is the boss of Yoshida and also his crush.
  • Kyouya Yaguchi is like a hookup friend of Sayu.
  • Issa Ogiwara is the elder brother of Sayu.

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