If you were born on March 20, You are a person who is always ahead of his time. You’re always ahead of everyone else and you feel weird and different because of it. Many times people do not agree with you and do not believe in you, but once things happen, they come back to you to ask for forgiveness. You are used to saying the mythical ‘I told you so’. Intuition is one of your gifts without a doubt.

You are born on the cusp between Pisces and Aries. To know what your zodiac sign is, I recommend that you look for your natal chart and get out of doubt. For being born on the cusp, you characterize yourself as a person who sees the world differently from others. You have a hard time getting others to understand you. You can’t stand the lack of imagination and much less the lack of empathy from others. It hurts you a lot that people are not able to look out for others, even a little bit. You are a person who easily adapts to changes. When you arrive in an unknown place and there are people you have never seen in your life, you have no problem opening up and talking to them. In fact, you like to go to places that are new to you. You came into the world to entertain everyone, to meet people and enjoy life. You have the ability to make everyone feel comfortable when they are by your side. And that is to value… It is not easy to achieve it. You have a special sensitivity for art. Everything that has to do with music, painting, writing and art in general attracts you very much. In fact, it is possible that throughout your life, you base your professional life on this. Your mission is to work on something you like so you don’t have to go to “work”. You are good at all jobs that are related to creativity and putting your imagination into practice. Your mood is quite changeable and this above all can “affect” your relationships. Now you can be the most loving and kind person in the world and in a while you can become the most reserved and dark in the universe. Your partner, your friends, and your family must get used to these mood swings. The truth is that you, as much as you want to, cannot control them. You live in a constant duality. In your love relationships, what you are looking for is intimacy, but many times you get overwhelmed if you feel that you are being pressured. You care too much about the feelings of others. You have a gift for knowing what problem each person is going through. You are even capable of knowing how to interpret each step he takes or is going to take. You have an incredibly strong connection to the feelings of the people around you.

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