In the middle of “Tomorrow” of MBC and Netflix.

We are halfway through the 16 episodes of MBC and Netflix’s “Tomorrow.” The ratings have not been as good as expected and I share what they reflect. I hoped that this story would be fun and catch me with the chemistry between its protagonists, but what I have expected is not yet seen on screen. All the characters are cold, gloomy, at their own game and so far we have only glimpses of their past and how they are united by it. That’s why the drama for me is quite gray and heavy. The rating numbers after the initial 7.6%, have remained between 2.7% and 5.4% no more.

This Post Contains SPOILERS!!

Kim Hee Sun, Rowoon Y yun ji on. lead the cast of fates that works to prevent the death of humans on earth, and that is that hell is so full that it has no more room for the souls of suicides, so the message of this drama, so far, is Quite simplistic and self-righteous. On top of that, well, I don’t know the webtoon they based the script on at all, but here, the writer puts the blame on the people who seek suicide (as if it were necessary), and when they manage to save their lives the characters disappear, and Of course it is an inconsistency! The most difficult thing for a person who thinks about suicide is to continue with his life, with the day to day, with the same people and situations, coping with all this requires psychological and psychiatric treatment, time, accompaniment and will, it is not so simple like composing a song talking about love and pain to leave it behind, or start eating even a cake when until yesterday you could only drink water!! Such scenes diminish the message they are trying to convey in this story, which is to prevent people from committing suicide, turning the Grim Reapers into their emotional support, the only one who gets it is Choi Joon Woong, and that must be because he is not dead yet, but XD!! Goo Ryun and Im Ryung Goo are so cold and distant from humans that if they weren’t there with their powers, they wouldn’t be of much use. In episode eight, just seen, Choi Joon Woong’s impulsive character is revealed when he tries to stop a thug who profits from the desperation of potential suicides by selling them the elements to achieve their death, upon discovering his cruel “business”, Choi Joon Woong puts himself in danger and breaks his employment rules. They warned him that they cannot interfere with the world of humans and then, the punishment that the criminal receives, is announced by the head of the Fates that lead to the souls of the dead Park Joon Gil, he unexpectedly appears warning that the punishment that he will receive on earth, does not compare with what awaits him in hell. Again the story stagnates, establishing the stories of the characters that are practically guest roles, and does not deal with the protagonists to give a balance… We had just some of Goo Ryun and Park Joon Gil, we saw them in the past, he can’t sleep now because of a scene replaying in his mind and Goo Ryun appears in it, this hints at a romantic relationship between their past characters, but there is no chemistry here and XD!! There is 11 years difference between Kim Hee-sun Y Lee Soo-hyukbut she starred in «Room No.9” with Kim Young Kwang in 2018, and they both have more or less the same age difference and there was no problem!! There are stories like the police where focusing on the protagonists makes you lose the thread of the background story, which is usually those of the criminals, but «tomorrow» is not that genre of story, so it requires another narrative. So yes, I have problems with the script and direction. The script is weak, has many gaps and focuses on making the viewer cry, but as I recall, for an actor, it is said, it is much easier to make the audience cry than to make them laugh. We sure relate easily to the struggles of the characters, it’s painful to let go of someone who brought you joy and made you remember your desire to live, and it’s very sad to have given your life to a noble cause and end up surviving while picking up rubbish in the streets and you are harassed to vacate your humble home. Of course I’m going to cry with that, it’s a great injustice, but was there no punishment for that cold society that easily forgets what others did so that they can live modern and comfortably? There is no lesson for that society?? The simplistic approach that leads to easy tears is not an engaging story, and on top of that, if for some reason, you’re not on a hot streak, really “tomorrow» is not something I would recommend you watch. It would take away what little hope you have. Will we see any change in the second part of the drama?? It is urgent or it will become a drama to be forgotten, at least on my part!! The adaptation of “tomorrow» is written by Park Ran, Park Ja-kyung Y Kim Yoo-jin. The address is from the PD Kim Tae-yoon from the movie “Mr Zoo Missing VIP”.

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