Income 2021: if you have made reforms in your home, you may have new deductions in your declaration

In April the good weather and the income statement arrive. Although the first thing is good news every year, being accountable to the Tax Agency does not always end up being good news. Whether we pay or return depends on the addition and subtraction of the amounts of income from work, economic activities, withholdings and also deductions that we have generated during the previous year. So it is important to know what we can deduct in the 2022 financial year and if you have done work at home, you are in luck.

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Last October, the Official State Gazette published Royal Decree-Law 19/2021, with several urgent measures to promote building rehabilitation activity in the context of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. Although, in previous statements, the home renovations already allowed part of the investment to be deducted, the novelty this 2022 is that the assumption of works to improve energy efficiency in homes is added. It should be remembered that, although they come into force in this campaign, only interventions that began on October 6, 2021 can enjoy this aid in this campaign. In the same way, they can be deducted in the income statement for the coming year. , those made until December 31, 2022. In addition it is necessary to have an energy certificate dated in the year of the fiscal year for which accounts are rendered.

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Thus, due to works in the habitual residence that reduce heating and cooling demand by 7%, something that can be achieved with high-performance windows, a 20% deduction is opted for, with a maximum of 5,000 euros per home. From now on, those that reduce the consumption of non-renewable energy by 30% or improve the energy rating to A or B may benefit from a 40% deduction, with a maximum of 7,500 euros. In the last great case, a deduction of 60% and a maximum of 15,000 euros is reached for energy rehabilitation actions in residential buildings where consumption falls by 30% or certification A or B is achieved.

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However, are excluded second homes, tourist homes, parking spaces, storage rooms, gardens, swimming pools, sports facilities and similar elements. Photos | unsplash

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