India Taking in Refugees via New E-VISA Program Amid Afghanistan Crisis

The Taliban has captured Afghanistan and are planning to bring their own rules to Afghanistan. The Taliban have seated themselves in the presidential palace in Kabul. After not having power for more than two decades, the Taliban has come back to rule the land. The American military forces had kept the Taliban out of control in Afghanistan. But since president Joe Biden retreated American forces from Afghanistan, the Taliban have back to rule Afghanistan. President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country to save himself from the Taliban. A new E-Visa has been created by the Indian government.

India Taking in Refugees via New E-VISA Program Amid Afghanistan Crisis

The Afghan civilians are trembling in fear due to the Taliban. Afghan airport which was once looked after by American forces is now under the control of the Taliban. Joe Biden has been criticized a lot for his decision to withdraw American troops. The Taliban have ordered civil servants to come to work as usual. If they don’t they will be severely punished. A lot of countries including India have been extending their hand to help the civilians of Afghanistan. India is helping Afghanistan by extending E-Visa.

What Is E-Visa?

If you want to know what and how the new E-Visa works, read along. E-Visa enables a person of a different nation to apply for a visa in the Indian subcontinent, without coming to India and you can also pay the fee online. The E-Visa will be divided into five categories such as tourist, business, medical, conference, and medical attendant. The maximum duration for E-Visa holders is 1 year. The government of India is making a noble deed by extending the E-Visa to Afghanistan. One can apply to E-Visa without worrying about what religion they belong to.

India Taking in Refugees via New E-VISA Program Amid Afghanistan Crisis

Afghanistan’s Crisis

Taliban has invaded Afghanistan. Taliban are known for their cruelty in treating children and women. They will bring their medieval rules and apply them to Afghanistan. No one can live peacefully under Taliban rule. Like India, most of the countries of the world are helping Afghanistan in one or another way. Afghanistan’s airport was under the protection of foreign forces including the US. Since Joe Biden called upon the US military to retreat. Taliban have invaded Afghanistan. With the Taliban, rule cruelty will become the norm and no civilians except very orthodox civilians will be safe. India has issued a new E-Visa for Afghans.

New E-Visa to Fast Track Requests

India is helping the Afganistan civilians by issuing E-Visa so that they can come to India and stay. Hindus and Sikhs will be given more priority than other religions. Although people of any religion can come and stay in India. The civilians are eager to get out of Afghanistan and get to other counties. five people have died since the Taliban have tried to get things their way. Two people who had clutched airplane wings fell into their death. The new E-Visa is going to help a lot of Afghan civilians to escape from their country.

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