It’s not what it seems… Trailer and poster for ‘Emergency’

Sean is a college senior ready to embark on a night out with his best friend Kunle and his roommate Carlos. When they return to his apartment for the pre-party, they discover an unknown white girl unconscious on the floor. Kunle wants to call the police, but Sean is vehemently opposed to the idea, worried about what he’ll look like when the police show up… So it begins’Emergency‘, a film written by KD Dávila and directed by Carey Williams that Prime Video will premiere on May 27, after passing through some theaters in the United States a week before. RJ Cyler (as Sean), Donald Elise Watkins (as Kunle) and Sebastian Chacon (as Carlos) lead the cast of this promising Amazon Studios and Temple Hill Entertainment production that won the best screenplay award at the last edition of the festival from Sundance.

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