Jungkook and Lisa’s Dating? True or Hoax, Relationship Timeline

Jungkook dating Lisa rumors have been all over the internet for a while now. Jungkook and Lisa are the two most popular Korean Pop Stars. Them being dating each other makes both sense and match. Both have gained huge fan love from all around the world. These two are surely the upcoming stars of the generation.

So let’s get to know everything about Jungkook and Lisa’s dating each other.

Who are Jungkook and Lisa? 

Before knowing about Jungkook and Lisa in a relationship or not, let’s get to know about them a little bit better.

Jungkook and Lisa both are one of the most know K-Pop star in the industry. JungKook is a part of the famous BTS band whereas Lisa is part of the iconic band Blackpink. They both are the most eligible singles in their respective bands. Both Lisa and Jungkook are the youngest by age in their bands and that makes their dating vulnerable. With all of these being said, there is no official announcement about Jungkook and Lisa. Furthermore, there is so much that we can imply with all that we know so far. With that in mind, we also can understand that there is nothing more than a pure friendship that Jungkook and Lisa share. Analyzing the statistics that we have so far, Jungkook and Lisa’s dating seems to be more unrealistic for both of them in accord with the ideas of the ideal partners that they want.

Though they are not personally interested in sharing a romantic bond, fans do want this rumor to be nothing but true. But for now, we are left with nothing but hopes.

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Jungkook and Lisa's Dating? True or Hoax, Relationship Timeline

Jungkook & Lisa: True or Hoax

  • As of now, there has been no official commitment from either end.
  • Jungkook comes out to be saying that he’s completely focused on his career and getting in a relationship with anyone has to wait for some while.
  • However, this is also true that they have been seen together on many occasions.
  • They both have never opened up very clearly on this topic since 2016.

Is Jungkook Dating Anyone else?

With all the reports put forth to date, Jungkook is single. Though there are rumors about Jungkook and Lisa’s dating, the stars have not spoken about it anywhere. Also, mere mutual friendship, there seems to be nothing that they share. Despite being spotted with similar dress codes, the couple, who is spotted together, clearly reject all the claims. In addition, Jungkook’s ideal love is someone who is smaller to him and would be a good wife. Cute, isn’t it?

Dating History Of Jungkook

Jessi – With so much fan gathering that Jungkook has, so many people want to hit this star. And, another one to add to the fandom is Jessi. She is a Korean Hip Hop Queen. She stumbled upon having a crush on Jungkook. After having spelled it out, she couldn’t help herself but rather blush.

Even though there are always so many girls linked with Jungkook, there is nothing official about Jungkook and Lisa’s relationship.

Dating History Of Lisa

Before getting more into the details of Lisa’s romantic relationships so far, let me give you a piece of information about her. Lisa is from a band called the Blackpink. Also, I guess, there would be no need for me to highlight that Lisa is the highly searched talent these days. To top the cake, Lisa is the youngest of all in the band.

Every star has a life behind the camera too, don’t they? So Does She. But, to the dismay of all of you fans, Lisa has ended up talks about her relationship with Jungkook. Moreover, in compliance with the YG dating ban, they are not allowed to freely speak about their dating and relationships. Thus, it is always hard to know about the dating and the personal life of Lisa or any other Blackpink member for that matter. Furthermore,  Lisa gave in another personal detail about her ideal man. Lisa prefers to date men elder to her.

This was all about Jungkook’s love history and relationship timeline. He’s still at a young age and all this news is always going to be around him.

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