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Are teachers prepared to empower their students at the level of digital competence that today’s society requires? To find out, HP, AMD and Grupo AE invite teachers to participate in the study ‘Digital Competence Diagnosis’, whose objective is to shed light on the current state of digital competence of teachers and also on the impact of training for its correct development. and digital empowerment. Teachers can access this survey, which will be carried out during the month of March throughout the Spanish territory, by completing this form of 22 questions grouped by competences and sub-competences according to the European Framework for the digital competence of educators (DigCompEdu). Once completed, they will receive a report with the results of the analysis and, later, they will be able to request a free course on one of the six digital competences of the European framework that is offered on the AE Group Online Campus.

DigCompEdu European Framework

Any teacher, school or educational institution can participate in this national study to find out the levels of competence they have in each of the axes of the DigCompEdu European framework. In this way, it will be possible to identify the aspects for improvement, at the individual and institutional level, and establish the necessary strategies for their efficient development.

European framework digital competences

The six areas of the European framework for the digital competence of teachers (DigComEdu) focus on the different areas in which the teaching task is carried out: from professional commitment, digital content and evaluation, among others, to the development of digital competence of students; presenting a broad spectrum of 22 interrelated axes that require top priority in the continuing education plans of educators.

AE Group Survey

The study will make it possible to accurately identify the degree of competence (from A1 to C2) in each of the 22 areas mentioned and the data will help to design a personalized training process to achieve the development of competences in a differentiated way in each of the axes of the European framework.

digital competence 3

Teachers only need to provide their email, since no other personal data will be requested to carry out the personalized diagnostic study. Subsequently, they will receive a report with the results of the study in their inbox.

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