«Love All Play» New Teaser

Now “Love All Play” and before “Going to You at a Speed ​​of 493kmKBS confirmed its cast in October 2021 and is described as a “romantic sports drama” about a man and a woman in a badminton company’s mixed doubles team. The protagonists of this romantic comedy are executed by Park Joo-hyun (Park Ju-hyun) and Chae Jong-hyeop . He is the first leading man for Chae Jong-hyeopThe Witch’s Diner” and “None None«) and the third for Park Joo-hyun extracurricular” and “Zombie Detective«). The advance of ‘ Love All Play’ arouses interest in Park Taeyang’s story (Park Juhyun)). First of all, the video is called “Once the future of badminton in Korea”, it starts with someone’s voice saying, “Did you say you ran away from school at night? athletes?” At the same time, Park Taeyang’s face appears on the screen to report that the subject of the rumor is Park Taeyang. a person who is expected to be the ‘Queen of Badminton’ but suddenly disappears and then returns to the badminton court after 3 years. Then the teaser video continues, “Why are you here? It contains criticism towards her, such as “Who ruined someone’s life?”, “Are you ready or give up?”, “Your best moment is over”, “Is there a player you want to play with, Park Taeyang?” , “It’s an accident you caused, Park Taeyang.” Also, this sparks curiosity by implying that Park Taeyang had a big accident three years ago. When Park Taeyang’s sadness in Gyeonggi-do is also at its peak, the number ‘493’ appears on the scoreboard with a ‘beep’ and the mood is reversed. Park Taejoon (Chae Jong-hyeop), who appeared next, said: “300 miles, do you know what that is? Aren’t you curious? asks Park Taeyang. Furthermore, he pats Park Taeyang on the shoulder with a bright smile and greets her by saying, “Welcome back.” The appearance of Park Taejoon, the only person to welcome Park Taeyang, raises the curiosity about what will happen between the two in the future. «Love All Play ‘ will air for the first time at 9:50 p.m. KST on Wednesday, April 20. The script belongs to the writer Heo Sung-hyetomorrow with you«, 2017 and the movie «Honest Candidate«, 2020). The address will be from the PD Jo WoongJustice«, 2019 and «The Miracle that We Meet» of 2018). It will have 16 episodes and the genres are Drama, Romance, Sport.

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