Marine Le Pen suspends her visit to Guadeloupe after being insulted by independentistas

A group of Guadeloupean independentists interrupted Le Pen’s intervention on French national television

French President Emmanuel Macron has condemned the events

The far right candidate to the Presidency of France Marine LePen has been insulted by “Guadeloupean independence fighters” during his campaign visit to the Guadalupe archipelago, one of the French overseas provinceslocated in the sea Caribbean.
Le Pen was approached at her hotel by around thirty activists in an act described as “totally unacceptable” by the French president, Emmanuel Macron. The candidate has suspended her visit to Guadeloupe, reports the French newspaper ‘Le Monde’.
“Le Pen out!”, the activists chanted on the night of March 27 after interrupting the recording of a France Télévision program at the Le Gosier hotel, on the outskirts of Pointe-à-Pitre. The escorts Le Pen supported the candidate and the they evacuated to his room while the whistles and insults in Creole continued. the irruption also prevented a live interview with Le Pen with the Guadeloupe public television channel La 1ère. “There were no real clashes or violence, but intimidation against Marine Le Pen”, the editor-in-chief of La 1ère, Alain Petit, who was present at the scene, explained to ‘Le Monde’.
“This land is full of slave blood”, recalled before the cameras René Sainte-Rose, spokesman for Alyans Nasyonal Gwadloup (ANG), a far-left independence movement. Sainte-Rose has accused “the ideological ancestors of Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour and (Nicolas) Dupont-Aignan” of establishing slavery in the French colonies.
“Marine Le Pen is a symbol for us”declared the activist, emphasizing that “the ideas of the extreme right are not ideas, they are crimes”, and must be dealt with “like a cancer”. Already on Sunday, French President Emmanuel Macron, has stated on France 3 to be “shocked” for the “totally unacceptable scene” of the interruption of the recording of Marine Le Pen’s transmission. These facts “shock me and I condemn them most firmly.”, pointed out Macron, who has condemned “any form of violence” in particular on the eve of the presidential elections. For its part, a Le Pen spokesman Julien OdouHe has criticized these “actions by far-left activists, the local ‘black blocs’those that rot everything, regardless of the territory of the Republic where they operate, unfortunately”. In November 2021 important occurred mobilizations and protests against the French authorities to the point that Paris was willing to address a possible negotiation of the political future of the archipelago.

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