«Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man», Final Review

Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man” (Do Ber Man, Doberman) from tVN, reached its end, obtaining a very good performance with final ratings of 8.6% and 10.081% Excellent news for Ahn Bohyun Y Jo Bo Oh who played two military prosecutors who chose the job for very different reasons, but end up teaming up to fight evil in the military. There are 16 episodes of Action, Military, Drama and Legal genres.

This Post Contains SPOILERS!!

I really want to see a military Kdrama, but in the style of «Descendants of the Sun“, in “Search» from OCN and here, the stories are nothing like what I want to see, although I ended up enjoying both. I focus on “Military Prosecutor Do Bae Man«, It is a revenge story like many others we have seen, but with the particularity that the antagonist, Noh Hwa Young, is an ambitious, cold and bloodthirsty woman who is proud of herself for having reached a high position within the ancient military organization, which reserves all its positions of power to men. This woman is even capable of using her only son as currency to stay in power. On the other hand, from a high school dropout, Do Bae Man transforms into a lawyer who achieves his law degree with the backing of his aunt, the only family he has left. Getting a job is another story, the rejections lead him to Yoon Moon Goo who offers him to become a military prosecutor, but at his service, not that of justice, in return he will receive an excellent salary that Do Bae Man accepts delighted. But when he is close to his military retirement, the new prosecutor Cha Woo In arrives, who has in mind to make Do Bae Man an ally to overthrow all those who led his father to death and who are also behind his life. chaotic Do Bae Man. After his reluctance, the facts convince Do Bae Man, he joins Cha Woo In for a revenge plan that will take place in 3 months and is full of confrontations, punishments, injustices, and where the victims of the previous Do Be Man attitudes must see with their own eyes the change that has taken place, so that these victims, in turn, help to overthrow one by one the high-ranking military, who are united in a kind of « Logia”, for its secret character, where the only woman is Noh Hwa Young. There are many action scenes, scenes in military uniform of Ahn Bohyun that leave us with our mouths open Y Jo Bo Ah, He is better in this type of characters than in the romance ones, I’m sorry in the latter, even his voice makes me laugh. This mixture of legal drama, revenge and military is rare, but the script comes from the legal writer, Yoon Hyun Howho stands out for «Lawless Lawyer«, «Remember: War of the Son” Y “The Lawyer». The address is from the PD Jin Chang Gyubad dad” Y “CHIP-IN«) Photography was mainly carried out in Gangwon-do, Paju and Gimpo. The narrative in the legal part, we live it through several judicial battles where the military high commands collapse before the truth of their crimes and the courage of their subordinates who trust that the truth is the only way for a true change. As Do Bae Man said: “the army does not change because it is full of people like Noh Hwa Young” who abuse their power, trample on subordinates, endorse responsibility for their crimes and always seek to maintain a good public image, while all your trash is under the rug. The drama also explores themes of bullying and abuse, while the trigger warnings include sexual assault and violence, which is very hard to watch. Moments of levity are present throughout, sometimes unexpectedly, but for the most part it’s not comedy. However, he does not take himself too seriously and often feels satirical. As for whether it’s a realistic story, I doubt it, I don’t think accuracy is present in this script. For those wondering/hopefully, yes, there is some romance present in the story as well, though it’s not the main focus and if you blink, you miss it.

My Rating 9

As for the ending, I quite like the positive result. It gives the story a satisfying close, as well as most of the main characters, with no loose ends. That said, I would have liked to see the conclusion expanded to several of the main players in the story, but I guess the implications are noticeable after all.

Synopsis: Do Bae Man became a military prosecutor just to earn more money and be successful. On the other hand, Cha Woo In, who recently joined Bae Man’s team, became one of Bae Man’s avengers. As these two different purposes show, the two have very different backgrounds and personalities. However, while working on the same case, Bae Man and Woo In help each other out and even grow together as excellent military prosecutors. . The Doberman dog that appears is never used in violent scenes, it was just a kind of mockery towards Do Be Man. Thank you!!

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