Nuria Roca clarifies what her TRUE relationship with Pablo Motos is like

Exclusive Nuria Roca

In front of the cameras, Nuria Roca and Pablo Motos have a very good relationship, but what is their relationship like when the lights go out?

In the more than 15 years of history of ‘El Hormiguero’ Nuria Rock He has been the only person who has replaced Pablo Motos and he did it by force majeure after the presenter was infected with coronavirus on two occasions. The communicator has granted her most personal interview to Omar Suárez for ‘Readings’ and has not hesitated to clarify what her true relationship with Motos is. Nuria Roca has wanted to eliminate all doubts about that supposed rivalry that would have arisen between them: “Pablo and I are very good friends“, He revealed, making it very clear that at no time was he worried about the good reception that the public gave him during his weeks at the head of ‘El Hormiguero’. The communicator, who has also told us about her marriage to Juan del Val, assures that Motos “is happy about the good things that happen to me and for that you have to have a personality as well-made and sure of yourself as he is”.Despite having a long and successful professional career behind her, Nuria has learned much by the side of the Valencian. In fact, he does not hesitate to face him: “He is tremendously constructive and he is happy, but ‘El Hormiguero’ belongs to Pablo and the people who are angry with him in case he does or does not do it saw the door open to do it when I presented”, he remembers. Apart from this, his step forward in ‘El Hormiguero’ opened many doors for him. Currently, she not only participates in the debate of the successful program together with Tamara Falcó, Cristina Pardo and Juan del Val, but also leads ‘La Roca’ every Sunday, a program full of current affairs tailored to him.

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