One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers, Is Luffy YONKO Level? Release Date, Watch Online

One Piece Chapter 1026 is ready to release. If you are one of the many who are eagerly waiting for it’s release then you are at the right place cause we have everything you need to know about it.

The manga series has been around for quite some time. The next episode to release is 1026, so you can guess how long the manga has been around. The manga has been around for a long time.  The series follows the adventures of Luffy, who dreams to find the one-piece treasure and become the pirate king. The publisher of the manga is Shueisha and the writer is Eiichiro Oda. The English publisher of the manga series is Viz media. The series was first released in 1997. In the year 1999, a television anime series also started with the same manga.

The series follows a pirate named Monkey D Luffy, who got powers after eating Satan’s fruit. He calls his crew straw hats. He along with his crew is on a journey to find a treasure named One Piece, and become the pirate king. Continue reading to find out more about One-Piece chapter 1026 release date and spoilers. Lets get to know more details about One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers, Is Luffy YONKO Level?


Before moving on to One Piece Chapter 1026, lets get you a recap.

The previous episode was full of action and fight sequences.  The last episode presented how Luffy rides Momonosuke who was transformed into a dragon-like figure. We also witnessed Yamato and Kaido’s Fight sequence.

Shinobu tells Momonosuke that even if she will transform him into an adult his heart would still remain of a child only. Momonosuke still agreed to this. After his transformation, he was still afraid of heights and so he decided to fly with his eyes closed with the guidance of Luffy. He crashes after catching up to Onigashima and climbs up to the top with his eyes still shut. Many who assumed that Kaidou was the only dragon were surprised to see all this. Meanwhile, Kaidou and Yomato’s fight was still going on. And soon Luffy joins the fight alongside Yamato.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers, Is Luffy YONKO Level? Release Date, Watch Online

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers

The raw scans of the next chapter are not available yet. But we can still predict a few things about the next chapter. The fight sequence that started in the previous chapter can be continued to the next episode as well. Luffy joined in the battle and we still don’t know who will lose or win the fight. For now, this is all we have. We will make sure to keep you updated with upcoming events of the show.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Release Date

One Piece ch1026 will come out this Sunday. If you are also eager to know the release date of One-Piece chapter 1026 is September 26, 2021. The raw scans of the chapter will be available before 2-3 days of the release date. The international readers can read the chapter of this manga by next Tuesday.

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Where To Read 

One Piece Chapter 1026 is available in more than just one online platform to read. You can read the previous chapters along with the One-Piece chapter 1026 on Viz media and Manga Plus. The chapters are also available in English for people outside Japan and other countries as well.

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