One Piece Episode 982 Release Date-Time, Spoiler & Preview

The new episode of One Piece is to be out. And, to all the fans who were eagerly waiting for the fire festival, here are the details of One Piece Episode 982 along with the release date and time.

What To Expect In One Piece Episode 982? 

The new episode of One Piece will introduce all the humongous beasts that we saw in the previous few episodes. Moreover, in One Piece Episode 982, we get to know all about their identities and other stuff. And, this new episode is another serious one as it is finally catching up to the anime. Also, the fire festival is on its way. And, in the fire festival, we can see the Ninja-mink-pirate-samurai alliance finally ends up raiding Onigashima and takes Kaido’s head.

Moreover, Jinabe is back. Also, Jinabe is the son of the sea. Moreover, he joins the straw hat pirates. With that alliance, we can expect it to be a big help. The alliance is expected to help Jinabe in fighting again Kaido. Then comes Luffy and Kid, And, they end up doing things their own way. Moreover, the entire alliance ends up seeking help from the base for getting Kaido’s help. Yes, the new episode is to be amazing with things coming up its way. And, this is another interesting one. Keep reading to know about the release date of One Piece Episode 982.

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