One Punch Man Chapter 151 Release Date, Spoilers And Raw Scans

One Punch Man Chapter 151 won’t be releasing this month. This news is supported by the fact that Chapter 150 is yet to be released too. The release date for One Punch Man Chapter 150 was 25th July. One-Punch Man is about Saitama who can defeat any enemy with just one punch. He is a “Hero fov Fun”. In this article, we provide you with all the details we have on Chapter 151 release date, spoilers, and where you can read the chapter upon release.


In chapter 149 we saw the battle between Heroes and Monsters getting more intense. Heroes have successfully completed their mission and saved hostages from monsters. Tornado attacked the monsters and it seems that she defeated the opposition’s leader as well. However, Heroes’ new mission to eradicate monsters doesn’t seem to be going well. Most of the heroes are defeated and many more are injured. Homeless Emperor had attacked Fuhrer Ugly meanwhile Golden Sperm attacks DarkShine.

Genos is fighting Sperm minions somewhere in the battleground. But he is badly injured and doesn’t seem to be fighting anymore. Genos is soon defeated and in no condition to operate. He has failed again to save others and feels bad. Tornado is lying injured to along with Genos. He is trying to take her and escape but can’t move. Metal Bat and his team are also attacked. King arrives at the scene where Genos is. It will be interesting to see what will he do. This story will continue in Chapter 150 which is yet to be released.

One Punch Man Chapter 151 Release Date, Spoilers And Raw Scans

One Punch Man Chapter 151 Release Date

One-Punch Man Chapter 151 release date hasn’t been announced yet. However, we think this chapter will take time to release given the fact that Chapter 150 is yet to release. As a result, we can’t say when it will release. Another reason is that One Punch Manga doesn’t have a fixed schedule on which it releases new chapters, unlike other Manga. Fans are disappointed with this and the creators not making any announcement about the delay makes it worse. But Chapter 151 is expected to be released in the first half of the next month. So let’s just hope this time it doesn’t get delayed anymore.

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Where To Read

You can read One Punch Man Chapter 151 along with all previous chapters on Viz Media and Shonen Jump Official with a monthly subscription. With Viz media you can read the first and latest 3 chapters for free but to read the complete manga you have to pay for it. You can also read the manga on MangaPlus. Raw scans of the chapter are expected to come out anytime soon. They are not released yet. Raw Scans usually comes 2-3 days before the actual release.

One Punch Man Chapter 151 Release Date, Spoilers And Raw Scans

One Punch Man Chapter 150 Spoilers

In One-Punch Man Chapter 151 we might see Genos fighting again. He might surpass his limits and King might join him. We might see some new moves from King. Sadly, Saitama doesn’t seem to be coming to the scene anytime soon. Fans are wondering why is he taking so much time. Zombieman turns to ash in attack and dies in the battle. Meanwhile, Fubuki returns and will be healing Tornado so we might see her in action as well.

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