Second Husband Episode 3 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

The new episode of Second Husband is getting premiered soon! We have curtailed all the necessary information in this article. Keep reading to know the release date, recap, spoilers, and where to watch the new episodes of the drama Second Husband Episode 3.

Second Husband Plot

The melodrama Second Husband revolves around Sun-Hwa who married  Sang-Hyeok and had a baby together. Sang-Hyeok started dating Jae-Kyung and tries hard to keep things hidden from Sun-Hwa.  Jae-Kyung’s father runs a confectionery company. Sang-Hyeok leaves Sun-Hwa and their baby for his own personal ambitions and wishes. Sun-Hwa was so upset without knowing what to do next. Suddenly her baby dies and she was falsely accused of murder. Then Sun-Hwa meets Jae-Min and falls in love with him. It is to be noted that he is the stepbrother of Jae-Kyung.

Second Husband Episode 2 Recap

Before revealing the release date of Second Husband Episode 3, Let’s get a quick recap.

Episode 2 revolves around Bong Seon Hwa and her family surrounding a confectionery company. She underwent an unfortunate childhood. But she strives hard and rises up through her positive personality.  She had a long-run relationship with Moon Sang Hyeok. He was his neighbor. She loses her family because of a big tragedy. She helped Jae-Kyung in a departmental store where someone tries to pickpocket her money. Seon Hwa and Jae-Kyung become friends and exchanged contact details with them.

Second Husband Episode 3 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

Second Husband Episode 3 Release Date

Are you super excited to know the release date of the new additional episode of Second Husband? Don’t worry the new episode is coming soon than you expect. Yes, Second Husband Episode 3 is officially getting aired on 11th August 2021 at 3:45 PM. The series Second Husband is expected to contain a total of 120 episodes.  Each episode releases continuously throughout the weekdays from Monday to Friday with a run time of 40 minutes.

Spoilers Alert!

In Second Husband Episode 3, Sang-Hyeok feels upset and stuck between his wife and the girlfriend. He was unable to balance both the relationship and is afraid of losing Jae-Kyung. On the other hand, Sang-Hwa needs her husband Sang-Hyeok to spend more time with her and to love her more. But at the same time, she wants to be a good supportive wife to him. After meeting Sang-Hwa in the departmental stores, Jae-Kyung suddenly gets thought of making Sang-Hyeok her husband soon. Since you have the spoilers of the new episode, freeze the time slot and wait and watch the series in comfort.

Second Husband Episode 3 Release Date, Recap, And Spoilers

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Where To Watch Online?

You can watch Second Husband Episode 3 officially on Viki and Dramacool. International Korean fans can watch Episode 3 and other previous episodes of Second husband on YouTube. We highly recommend you to use these platforms to watch the series as they have official rights and legal licenses to air the series. Try avoiding the usage of other platforms as they may cause harm to the producers of the series.

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