Yes, Mercury Retrograde is among us and it is going to affect us all in one way or another, but there are signs that are going to get the worst of it. The planet of communication is doing its thing again and it can make life very complicated for more than one person. If you want to know what are the signs that are being hit hardest by this Mercury RetrogradeYou just have to keep reading to find out. Let’s hope you’re not one of them.


Taurus, you are trying to rebuild your self-esteem from scratch because Mercury Retrograde is hitting you hard and making you not look like you deserve. You are a strong person, you have always come out ahead and you will continue to come out, but this astrological climate is not letting you advance as you should. You have an unnecessary weight on your back from which you have to begin to free yourself if you do not want to fall deeper. Instead of accepting concrete answers, take advantage of all the blows you are receiving to see all the layers, nuances and complexities of everything around you. Taurus, try to be honest with yourself to stop spinning and realize what you need to move forward. Now you see everything a little dark, but sooner rather than later you will see that all this process was necessary to be reborn from your own ashes. You have never needed anyone to believe in you, so don’t let the bad vibes that Mercury Retrograde is leaving around you make you believe otherwise.


Gemini, because Mercury is your ruling planet, whether you like it or not, when this astrological climate occurs, your whole life turns upside down. Mercury Retrograde is hitting you very hard, but you are already more than used to it and you are doing wonderfully. You may feel overwhelmed and very confused, but everything that is happening around you apart from making you feel bad, is helping you to see a part of yourself that you did not know. Be very careful because there are situations that can lead you to live moments from the past and make your whole present falter. Gemini, be cautious and don’t make too many decisions, dedicate yourself to surviving and stop fooling around. You have many good things to experience this year, so don’t be fooled by misunderstandings. Do not forget that everything happens for a reason, life constantly wants to test you, do not fall into the traps. Of course, be yourself at all times and do not stop being sincere. Mercury Retrograde has returned to turn your whole life upside down, but you are much smarter than him, prove it.


Scorpio, this Mercury Retrograde is going to hit your relationships really hard. Be very careful with misunderstandings and take a deep breath when you see something you don’t like because not everything is what it seems. Do not fear hasty decisions, do not want to fly before running and take things easy. You can start planning all those projects you have in mind, but don’t sign anything because this astrological climate can mess you up. Scorpio, you are very strong, you cannot let all your efforts go overboard because you are a little down. Reflect on how you carry all your relationships to make changes in the future if you see the need to do so. Take your time to figure out what you want to do right now because it’s all a bit cloudy. Don’t let the rush make you do things that you later regret. Scorpio, be yourself, but don’t take your feet off the ground because everything can go to shit at any moment.


Sagittarius, this Mercury Retrograde you are going to have to pay special attention to all your relationships. Little by little with patience and hard work you are healing all the problems of the past. Do not get down when you see that things are not going as you thought, it is time to raise your head no matter how complicated life makes it for you. This astrological climate is not making it easy for you, but you can handle all this and much more. Sagittarius, you may be forced to sacrifice something very important in your life, but it is necessary for you to successfully overcome this moment. Do not scratch yourself excessively because you will have all the time in the world to recover it. Sagittarius, you are strong, there is nothing in this life that can resist you. Be yourself at all times and don’t lose that smile on your face to return it to Mercury Retrograde, don’t let him do his thing more than necessary. You deserve to be happy, and you’re going to be, but you’re going to have to wait a little longer. Be patient.

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