Spy X Family Chapter 52: Release Date, Spoilers, and Read Online

Once again we’re here with a manga that’s become quite popular. It is indeed Spy X Family Chapter 52. Which is set to air in the next several days. Find all the newest news about manga. Continue reading the article to learn more about it.


Olka Gretcher, Gram Gretcher, and Furseal Grey meet to watch fireworks on the deck of the cruise ship. In the Meantime, Anya Forger takes the chance to guide them to their destination.

As Olka, Gram, and Furseal are hidden from danger at all times, Anya maintains their security at all times.

Subsequently, Olka and Gram’s smell is picked up by one of the shooters as they make their way to the exit gate. The shooters are ecstatic that they have discovered their victim.

Spy X Family Chapter 52: Release date, Spoilers, and Read Online

Meanwhile Forger’s father takes Anya To The Best Fireworks Viewing Spot On The Cruise Ship. Anya recalls that her mother is on an assignment and thinks how that will be heading. she sees six-shooters on their route to the exit gate in another area of the cruise ship. she takes Olka, Gram, and Furseal to a different route to the end gate in consideration of this. Yor, Olka, Gram, and Furseal are stunned by the unexpected explosion of fireworks as they exit the building. But It doidn’t took much long for Yor to calm her nerves and lead the others further out on the ship. In response to that, Olka attacks the shooter with a dagger.

Unexpectedly, a second shooter emerges and attacks Olka and Gram. In the end, Yor manages to save Olka and Gram. A few metres away from Gram and Olka, Yor smacks the shooter out of the picture. Meanwhile After checking on to Olka and Gram.

However, shooters from all across the cruise ship encircle Yor and his companions. In her mind, Yor reflects on the fact that she didn’t recognize any of the shooters.

So, there was the conclusion of this chapter.

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Release Date Of Spy X Family Chapter 52

Spy X Family Chapter 52 is announced to be released on the coming Sunday i.e. 22 August 2021. The episode will release at 9:00 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time)

Where to catch Spy X Family Chapter 52

The latest episode of the Manga will be available on the popular Manga Website “Viz“. Along with the upcoming Episode of Spy X Family. Previous Released episodes of the Series can be viewed by the audience.

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