Susana Dosamantes, mother of Paulina Rubio, suffers from pancreatic cancer at the age of 74

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The legendary actress Susana Dosamantes, mother of Paulina Rubio, is receiving treatment after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer

Actress Susana Dosamantes, mother of singer Paulina Rubio, is receiving treatment after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. This has been communicated by the family of the interpreter. Dosamantes, 74, is optimistic and strong and has put himself in the hands of the medical team of one of the best hospitals in the world, Mount Sinai in the city of Miami. Her daughter, Paulina Rubio, wanted to share an affectionate message dedicated to her mother with all her followers. “Mexican actress Susana Dosamantes has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is already receiving appropriate outpatient treatment at Mount Sinai Hospital in the city of Miami”, details the statement sent by the actress’s family. Dosamantes, a living legend of cinema and television, 74 years old, is already fighting the disease with the support of her entire family. “Her children, her grandchildren and her entire family are united and focused on her recovery, with full confidence in the medical team that is assisting her and that has the maximum experience in this type of cancer.” followers of the interpreter, assuring that she is optimistic and displaying her usual sense of humor. For the moment, they are silent about the immediate future of Dosamantes, although they have wanted to make it clear that they are not going to move from her side. Her daughter Paulina wanted to share a beautiful photograph with her mother accompanied by a heart. Immediately, the signs of affection from her have been numerous.Pauline RubioPaulina Rubio sends a loving message to her mother, Susana Dosamantes Instagram @paulinarubio

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