Sweden and Finland avoid taking Turkey’s rejection of its accession to NATO as firm

Both countries have hinted that this position is not definitive and that they will discuss the issue at the meeting of ministers

Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde says she has not received any formal message from Ankara

The Swedish Foreign Minister, Ann Linde, recalled that she spoke this week with her Turkish counterpart, Mevut Cavusoglu, and that for now she has not received from Ankara no formal message which Erdogan has publicly broadcast. He hopes to deal with the issue this Saturday, according to the SVT network. “I hope that we can talk if we apply for NATO and that we receive positive messages from all countries“, declared Linde, whose country could take the final step next Monday, after the positive assessment released this Friday by a committee. For his part, the Finnish Foreign Minister, Pekka Haavisto, has not been surprised by the turkish misgivingsalthough he has pointed out that all these types of messages are part of the process per se. Thus, he has asked for “patience” and to advance “step by step”. Haavisto recalled that Finland has not taken any formal step for the moment, despite the fact that the president and the prime minister did position themselves on Thursday in favor of entry and even demanded that it be done quickly, reports the YLE chain. NATO makes all its decisions by consensus, meaning that each of the 30 member countries has a potential veto over who can join. However, Erdoğan has not been openly expressed during his remarks about the possibility of impeding the accession efforts of both Nordic nations.

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