The Beginning After The End Chapter 106 Release Date, Spoilers

The beginning after the end chapter 106 is one of the most popular manga series webcomics. Fans can get their favourite series soon and they can enjoy it while quarantined at home. Till then read the article and stay updated.

The Beginning Of The End All About

The author for the beginning the end of chapter 106 is Turtle. The beginning after the end is about the life of King Grey who has got everything in his life. He is a powerful warrior. Even after having wealth, power his loneliness kills him. The king who is a lot more powerful doesn’t have purpose and will. He counted his last breaths in loneliness on his deathbed.the begining after the end chapter 106 release date, spoilers With hopes for new life and great aims he dies and rebirth in a new world. The king has won a second chance in the world of magic and monsters. He will live a new life as Arthur Ley win. It’s interesting how the king goes through challenges to find out his true purpose for the new life. He wants to help everyone in need with his extraordinary magical abilities.

His new journey is filled with new allies, unexpected enemies and many more surprises. Arthur will beyond to protect the ones he loves. It would be thrilling to watch Arthur’s journey at the beginning of the end of chapter 106.

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The Beginning Of The End Chapter 105

The beginning of the end of chapter 105 was about the changing relationship between Arthur Lewin and the princess. The Princess apologize to Arthur for her father’s and brother’s behaviour. They had a very deep conversation. Arthur blushes as he was imagining that Princess would her love to him. After the princess apologizes for her family’s behaviour, Arthur consoles her and said not to apologize for them. However, Princess remembers her dark past where she was afraid of her physical appearance.

the begining after the end chapter 106 release date, spoilersFurther, we watched a fight between Tessia and Arthur. Tessia had feelings for Arthur and she kissed him. When she asked Arthur about his feelings, he ignored and even teased her. Tessia is broken and she yells at Arthur and even taunted him for what he did with Lilia. Arthur is in demise, he doesn’t know how to deal with his problems. He doesn’t understand how to tell Tessia about his past life. It would be interesting to see if Arthur tells Tessia about him in the beginning of the end of chapter 106.

Spoiler Alert And Release Date

The beginning of the end of chapter 106 would perhaps focus on the relationship of Tessia and Arthur. Arthur would have more enemies and fans would have more surprises. It’s for sure that fun would continue in the next chapter. This chapter would come as logic’s biggest foe. As there’s no information about the release date for the next chapter. We would keep our readers updated till then.

Where To Read Chapter 106:

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