The hacker who stole $ 600 million in crypto ended up returning all of the stolen money

Poly Network announced that the hacker who stole $ 600 million in cryptocurrency from them ended up returning the full amount.

The next goal of the company is to return the assets to their customers so that they can restore their services.

A saga that is finally coming to an end

“Mr. White Hat” has finally given in. After days of pleading his case with the hacker, even offering him a job, Poly Network succeeded in recovering the entire amount that had been stolen from him on August 10. In a statement, the company announced that the hacker finally shared his private key with them, which is needed to access the shared wallet. The latter contained the last 141 million dollars that had not yet been returned.

For his part, the hacker announced that he had added his bug bounty offered by the company and his “  compensation fund from donations  ” to the sum. He asks that these additional assets be shared among the ”  survivors  “, in his words, of this case.

Now that the money has been recovered, the company has announced that it is focusing on redistributing assets to its customers “  as quickly as possible  ”. Subsequently, it will seek to re-establish its services and work with Tether to unlock the stolen 33 million USDT that had been frozen.

Source: Tom’s Hardware Poly Network

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