The progress that buries the past. ‘Utama’ trailer

Outstanding image

Through the companions of Cursed Cinema we echo the launch of the international trailer -with English subtitles- of ‘utama‘, a Bolivian, Uruguayan and French co-production that aims to make us reflect on climate change and its impact on humanity. The film, the directorial debut of Bolivian photographer Alejandro Loayza Gris, revolves around an elderly Quechua couple who have lived the same routine for years in the Bolivian highlands. When an unusually long drought threatens their entire way of life, Virginio and Sisa face the dilemma of resisting or being defeated by the passage of time. With the arrival of their young grandson Clever, the three will face, each in their own way, the environment, the need for change and the meaning of life itself. ‘utama‘ was successfully presented at the Sundance and Malaga festivals, where a server had the opportunity to see this work that “stands out for its stupendous and precise photographic work. Or when an image is worth more than the few words said by its protagonists , in what is essentially a twilight western that will be equally understood without words”. “It is without a doubt the best of a very plastic film which, however, now comes the but, lacks a pulse and has too much contemplative coldness to be equally emotional. little meaning is presented despite the regrets”, in short.

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