Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 14 Release Date, Time And Preview

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 14 and the other updates that you need to know are here. Keep reading to know more about the release of the new episodes

When Is The Release Of Vivy Flourite Eye’s Song Episode 14?

Sadly, there is no Vivy Fluorite eye’s song episode 14. The anime has 13 episodes already and the anime ends with that. There are only 13 episodes and there is no episode 14. Therefore, we have nothing to tell about the new episode of Vivy Flourite.

But, you can still watch the other episodes on Funimation. The 13 episodes of Vivy Flourite are out. And, you can take the delight of your favorite anime on Funimation. Moreover, all that you need to have is a subscription to the platform. After that, you have all the episodes for your perusal. Also, if you opt to be a nonpremium member, then you can watch the new episodes a week after the release. Also, there will be ads to spoil your mood. But, if you are new to Funimation and you are not sure of how it works, you can for sure opt for a trial version. Moreover, the trial version will help you to know about the platform. And, once that’s done, it’s your call to chose from what you want.

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 13 

After a long wait, we are here with the final episode of Vivy Fluorite eye’s song episode 13. And episode 13 is a bit off track from the other scenes and has taken a different angle. Moreover, the episode doesn’t end with an eye-watering action scene but that ends up being the climax of the story. But, for sure we did have fights and a few scenes of Elizabeth. But, different from the other episodes, this episode lacks artistically choreographed and detailed fights.

Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song Episode 14 Release Date, Time And Preview

Also, we need to note that Episode 13 is not really about the Vivy and her songs saving the world. Moreover, episode 13 is a personal climax that helps Vivy to discover what Diva did years before. Vivy learns what it is to sing from the heart. She learns that putting in all our emotions, both positive and negative, including the memories that shaped you, broke you and everything is what it means to do anything from the heart. Moreover, there is joy in doing things that way and the struggle to overcome these things is all that it takes to make one a real human.

All of these were just because of Vivy’s real long journey to save the world. With all of the things being done, she realized that her mission to make everyone happy through songs was impossible. Moreover, what is that one song that would make everyone happy? And is there something like that?

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Climax

The end was expected to be a twister version of a “happy ending” and there was much that happened in there. We are also greeted with an amnesiac Vivy waking up. Moreover, she was being said that her mission was to make everyone happy with her singing. However, we do know that this isn’t the sole reason Vivy make her the Vivy that we know. Moreover, she was entitled to three missions – She struggled to understand her own life, she struggles to understand the life that she stumbles upon and she struggles to understand the life that she chose for herself.

Vivy Fluorite Eye's Song Episode 14 Release Date, Time And Preview

The end of Vivy Fluorite’s eye’s song was different and personally, it was more of a happy-sad ending. Maybe it would have been easier to see Vivy sacrificing herself for the world rather than looking at the death of her personality. But, whatever be it, this is one really amazing anime to watch.

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Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song – Plot

The story of Vivy Fluorite’s eye’s song traces the life of Vivy who is the first autonomous AI. Moreover, Vivy was created with a single purpose. And, the purpose of her life is to make people in the universe happy. Moreover, this is the AI to nearly have a soul. But, however hard she tries, she fails to do so as she can’t sing from her heart. She, as an AI needed to learn how to sing putting in all her heart and mind.

And, after everything, she is visited by Matsumoto. This is an AI in the form of a teddy bear. Also, the teddy drags her into a mission to prevent a war between AI and humanity. Therefore, Everything changes however when she is visited by Matsumoto, and Al in the form of a teddy bear, who claims to come from the future and soon enlists her in a mission to prevent a war between AIs and humanity. Therefore, Vivy Flourite Eye’s Song travels all the way long with Vivy, the AI.

Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episodes

Vivy Flourite Eye’s song has 13 episodes. Episode 13 was the end and the season found a finale in that episode. Moreover, it is heartbreaking for its views who expected the series to go long. But, to our dismay, we must accept the fact that our favorite series has come to its end. With that being said, I sadly need to say that there is no Vivy Fluorite Eye’s Song Episode 14 coming up in the upcoming weeks. But, is there a new season? We are not sure about it. As of now, there are no details about any upcoming episodes of Vivy Fluorite Eye’s song. Meanwhile, you can watch other animes or check for the new releases of your favorite animes.

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