Who is Brian Anderson From Silicon Graphics? Here’s Everything About Him

The German miniseries, Billion Dollar Code saw its release on October 7, 2021, on Netflix. Viewers are ever more interested in knowing if the events are true or not and about Chief Brian Anderson. Now, let’s know in detail more about the series and who was Silicon Graphics Chief Brian Anderson?

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Billion Dollar Code: What is the Series About?

Billion Dollar Code is a recently released Netflix original German miniseries. It consists of only four episodes which is the creation of Oliver Ziegenbalg and Robert Thalheim. The miniseries portrays a trial that takes place between a large corporation and a small company. Furthermore, in the series, the large corporation got sued by the small company. The small company alleged that the large corporation made millions after infringing their patents. The story takes place in the 1990s featuring some younger hackers from Berlin.

Billion Dollar Code: Who Plays the Role of Brian Anderson From Silicon Graphics?

Billion Dollar Code cast Lukas Loughran in the role of Chief Brian Anderson. Lukas Loughran is also a writer besides being a Swedish-Australian actor. Some of his previous works are Soundtrack, Krypton, Inbrottet, and Postcard Killings. He graduated in 2008 from the Stockholm Academy Of Dramatic Arts. Moreover, he has been active in the acting career since 2006 and is currently 47 years old. Furthermore, he is scheduled to appear in the Extinction series in the upcoming year. His official website is www.lukasloughran.com.

Who is Silicon Graphics Chief Brian Anderson from the Billion Dollar Code?
Who is Brian Anderson From Silicon Graphics?

Billion Dollar Code’s Brian Anderson From Silicon Graphics: Who is He?

Billion Dollar Code’s Chief Brian Anderson is not a fictional character but a real person. His full name is Brian McClendon. He worked in Silicon Graphics as one of the chief engineers. Anderson contacted Juri Müller and Carsten Schlüter, German inventors for their program, Terravision. Furthermore, Terravision got developed by using Silicon Graphics’s Onyx. Later on, Muller went to establish his own company, Art+Com. But, he could never release Terravission’s pc version as no one invested in his idea.

Brian Anderson Google & Google Earth

Later on, the inventors heard about Google Earth. Furthermore, the same development took place with the collaboration between Anderson and Google. Muller alleged in 2oo5 regarding the stealing of his coding and work for replicating a program like Terravision and using it in Google Earth.

Billion Dollar Code: Is it a True Story or Not?

Billion Dollar Code is a true story that took place between Google and Art+Com, a company based in Berlin. The credits at the end of the series state regarding the fictional adaption of the miniseries taking inspiration from court transcripts and events that took place during that time. However, accounts of Joachim Sauter, Martin Sibernagl, Pavel Mayer, Gerd Grüneis, and Axel Schmidt were also taken into account. The founder of Art+Com was Joachim Sauter.

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