Will The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Continue After Creator Death

Kayaharuka, the Misfit Of Demon King Academy illustrator passed away, does that means it’s an end of the manga? As everyone is aware of the fact that Kayaharuka was diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment. However, the reason for his death is not clear yet! It is not been announced if he died fighting cancer or because of any other reason.

Now after the news of the illustrator Kayaharuka’s death breakdown, everyone is worried whether the author will continue the show with the artist? Will they bring the new artist in the picture. Currently, everyone is mourning the Kayaharuka death.

Reason For Kayaharuka Death?

The illustrator Kayaharuka was suffering from pancreatic cancer. He was undergoing several treatments for that. However as today, the news regarding his death got viral, but the reason behind his death was announced. So there is still no confirm news whether he died because of cancer, or because of some other reason.

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The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Plot

It is a Japanese manga series which is written by Shu. Moreover, it consists of 13 episodes. It is known for its amazing adventure and romantic storyline. The story revolves around the history strongest demon how rebirth into the era of his descendant, Mao Gakuin no Futekigosha. Later he joined school with his descendent. Likewise, the later story revolves around them.

Will The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Continue?

Last weak the news regarding Kayaharuka’s illness came out. He was fighting pancreatic cancer for a while. All of sudden today the illustrator Kayaharuka death news got viral. Which left everyone in shock. Everyone is worried about the future of  The Misfit Of Demon King Academy. It is expected the author Shu might not continue the manga after the creator’s death. The creator put his brains and hard work to make this show hit and now that he is gone the how might not be the same without him.

Will The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Continue After Creator Death

However, there is no confirmed news regarding The Misfit Of Demon King Academy continuation or cancellation. Furthermore, last Square Enix put a tweet mentioning the end of the manga and the Kayaharuka heath. It was taken as a final good by the makers as they might not continue the show without Kayaharuka.

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