Yumi’s Cell Episode 9: Preview, Release Date, Spoilers, & Recap

Yumi’s Cell is a South Korean drama television series. Let’s get you all the details regarding Yumi’s Cell Episode 9 Preview, Release Date, Spoilers, & Recap.

It is based on the webtoon by Donggeon Lee, ‘Yumi’s Cells’. A psychological romance drama that unties the daily life of the ordinary life of the worker until he meets with Yumi’s. The director of the show is  Lee Sang-Yeob and written by Kim Kyung-ran and Kim Yoon-Joo To know more about episode 9 Preview, Release Date, Spoilers, Recap follow this article at the end.

Yumi’s Cell Episode 9 Recap

Let’s recap the previous episode of Yumi’s Cells. Episode 8 begins with a future time scene. In the scene, Yumi is 70 years old and she is reading an encyclopedia in library cells. Then she saw her ex-husband.  The scene again came into the present time where Woong saw her telling lies about the wedding with her ex-husband. However, he manages to take her out, and then he meets with her friends. They are both excited a happy with each other.

In Yumi’s Cell Episode 9 storyline we get to see how Sae Yi’s created a huge misunderstanding with both of them by his scheme. The scheme was was Woong will massy Yumi’s. As a result, Woong hides it from her which will create problems when she got to know. A new character Yoo Bobby is going to enter in this episode where Yumi and he are getting close to each other. With Sae’s scheme and Bobby’s entry, a new twist will happen in Yumi’s life.

Yumi's Cell Episode 9 Preview, Release Date, Spoilers, & Recap

Yumi’s Cell Ep9 Preview

Yumi is a working woman who is very introverted and shy personality and Woong was a videogame developer. In the previous episode, 8 Woong and Yumi have given effervescent scenes of romantic but there is a twist in the next episode. Their relationship might be seen in the worst turn after Sae Yi’s scheme. It shows that Woong will marry Yumi’s. Moreover, Sae Yi was so excited that he could not able to control his emotions. Meanwhile, Woong hides the facts from her which will create big trouble for both of them.

Yumi’s Cell Episode 9 Release Date

Yumi Cell Episode 9 is going to release on 15 October 2021. The time of the release at 10:50 pm KST on TvN. The drama will take a new buckle in the upcoming episode with the new character entry. The series has only 16 episodes. Till now IMDb rating is 9/10 which is pretty good. The show has multiple seasons and fans are very interested to look forward to how both of them tackle their relationship. Every now the episode of Yumi’s Cells is telecast on Friday and Saturday on TvN.

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Yumi’s Cell Episode 9 Spoilers

Yumis Cell Episode 9 will go to show their relationship complication. In the previous episode, they have given us lots of romantic scenes. Now in the next episode, we are going to see now Sae Yi’s have created complications in both of them. Sae Yi also knows that she can’t take him out of Woong’s life and have to compromise with him. It might happen that they will break up. Also, a new character Bobby also came into Yumi’s life with a different purpose.


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