– Admin Login Link is a mistyped version of the IP address. Don’t type, Use which is the valid IP address that is used as the default gateway address for many router.

How To Login To Admin Using

Follow this quick guide to log in and find the admin portal setting using

How To Login To Admin Using Step by Step

If you are having issues logging in to then try connecting with these -, -

Default Admin Login Username-Password

Username: admin
Password: 123456789

The default username is Admin and default password is 123456789.

My Username-Password is wrong, What should I do to Login?

You might receive error like “resulting webpage after sign button is pressed”. The error means your either of your username, password is wrong. What to do? Go to forget password button and reset the password. Always set a password that is easy to remember for you but hard to crack for other people.

You can access admin settings using the default login username & password. Accessing the router’s admin portal is very easy, just make sure you are connected to the router. If you still faced any difficulty logging in to, you can reach out to us through comments or try log in here

Login to COMCAST XFINITY Router Admin using

Here’s how you can access the admin setting of comcast infinity router using

How To Login To Admin Using Step by Step for Comcast Routers

Default Admin Login Username-Password for Comcast XFinity

Username: admin
Password: password

Can’t Access Here’s What You Need To Do

The first step is to confirm your internet connection is working perfectly. There are sometimes internet connection problems from ISP. Which may be a possible factor for failed login attempts.
The second step is to clear browser cache. Sometimes it causes problems. Go to settings>Privacy and security> Clear Browsing data> Clear Cache.
Make sure you are not typing 10.0 0.1 , 10.0 0.0 1, .10.0 0.1 , 10.0 0.0 1 is not correct IP.
Another common error is the IP typo error. Typo generally occurs 90% time. Here are the most common Typo errors.
You might be using “www. “. This is the wrong way to enter an IP.
You might be using “O” instead of a zero. IP address only contains numerical digits, not alphabetic digits.
Using “O” will result in an incorrect IP address and you will not be able to access Piso-Wifi admin login portal.


Ques: WHAT IS OR is a private class of IP address which is used by many wifi router manufacturers around the globe. It is used to access admin panel of the router. is just the mis-spelled version of


This is everything you need to know about and login. We have given the complete information from logging in to troubleshooting. If you still facing any problems. You can mail us your doubts on our contact form and mail. Also, access other guides available on our website through our main menu.